Men and women proud of their work


Four Waste Prevention and Recycling Officers raise awareness and provide advice on waste management.

Their missions are very diverse:

  • Helping set up sorting bins for private individuals, professionals and events;
  • Providing advice on the optimal allocation of sorting bins;
  • Providing advice on waste reduction;
  • Hosting stalls at markets and events;
  • Raising awareness among children and adults through training focused on a comprehensive approach to waste management (the 5 Rs: Refuse, Rreduce, Remploy, Recycle, Rreturn to the earth);
  • Supervising voluntary drop-off points to ensure that sorting instructions are respected;
  • Organising visits to the sorting centre for recyclable household waste (Cannes-la-Bocca)
  • Launching new projects such as composting;
  • ....

Our Waste Prevention and Recycling Officers are here to answer all your questions about sorting, by phone or by appointment.

You can contact them by calling the freephone number : 8000 20 40 (free call).

Find their pictures in the Mag du Tri.

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